... from the Greek φιλανθρωπία, means the love of humanity, in the sense of caring and nourishing. It involves both the benefactor in their identifying and exercising their values, and the beneficiary in their receipt and benefit from the service or goods provided.

A conventional modern definition is "private initiatives, for the public good, focusing on quality of life." The definition also serves to contrast philanthropy with business endeavors, which are private initiatives for private good, e.g., focusing on material gain, and with government endeavors, which are public initiatives for public good, e.g., focusing on provision of public services.

Philanthropy has distinguishing characteristics separate from charity; not all charity is philanthropy, or vice versa. A difference commonly cited is that charity aims to relieve the pain of a particular social problem, whereas philanthropy attempts to address the root cause of the problem — the difference between the proverbial gift of a fish to a hungry person, versus teaching them how to fish.

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Four Decades of Nonprofit Management and Fund Development Experience

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Organization and Program Assessment

The core service of Adrian Nonprofit Consulting

The cornerstone of ANC's assessment services is the Long View Assurance Program. The purpose of the LVA is to examine the foundation - the essential elements - of an organization's ability to function at its highest potential level and maintain that health into the most prosperous future possible. LVA is an organization’s commitment to realizing its full potential. It is a two-phase assessment of an organization's critical elements: Environment, Board Development and Planning. Conducted within an 18-month period, this allows the organization to monitor performance and fulfillment of organizational environment, culture, communication, board development and planning goals established in the initial assessment.

Other assessment services include Board Assessment and Development; Fund Development program assessment and plan; Donor Management Database assessment.

Program assessment on a regular basis is critically important but it is an under-utilized tool in enhancing an organization's ability to achieve its full potential and fulfill its mission.

Capital Campaign Planning and Management

The ultimate fund development endeavor

Not only is a capital campaign the culmination of an organization's previous fund development successes, it is also the ultimate marketing and public awareness tool an organization can employ. And, it is probably the most enjoyable fundraising endeavor your board will ever experience.

Fund Development Planning

Effective fund development planning is a hallmark of Adrian Nonprofit Consulting. It should also be a hallmark of every nonprofit organization. In too many NPO's, fund development is taken for granted or is a source of great frustration. When this is the case: 1) the board and executive leadership are compromising the organization's chances for success 2) the organization is at best poking along on a course of mediocrity or at worst is teetering on the brink of failure.

When should an NPO have a fund development program assessment and detailed plan developed?

  1. On a regular basis
  2. When an organization wishes to have long-term success and viability
  3. When development staff is inexperienced and would greatly benefit from assistance and mentoring
  4. When development staff is experienced and recognizes the benefit of regular outside assessment
  5. When a small organization has no development officer and relies on the chief executive to do all fund development in addition of managing the organization
  6. All of the above

Website Effectiveness

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Management

This is a special ANC service, derived from many years of recognizing the importance of a highly effective and visible website presence, and from many years of web development related to nonprofit organizations. It's importance continues to grow in an age served and consumed by technology ... and of course, the Internet.

SEO is is a marketing program. SEO is the process of structuring a website to gain more exposure in search engine results. More exposure in search engine results will ultimately lead to more visitors finding you for the right reasons and going to your website. In today’s marketing environment, web search has become one of, if not the most important marketing techniques.

SEO is not a one-time project, it’s a process for the long haul. It is a long-term process that builds long-term value. There’s a reason that all of those “ranked #1 in Google tomorrow” scams are called scams. It takes time to develop and execute on your strategy, to research your keywords, to create new unique content, to build more links and more authority, and to resolve any technical issues with your site. It’s a never-ending process, there’s always work to be done.

Other Services

Board Assessment and Board Development Plan

This is one component of an Organization Assessment, but may be contracted as an individual project.

Case for Support

Every organization should have a compelling case for support. Along with a strategic plan, this is the most often requested (in many cases required) addendum to a grant or major gift proposal.

Database Assessment

Adrian Nonprofit Consulting offers extensive experience with gift and donor management database programs and places a tremendous amount of importance in this function. This includes: assistance selecting the right program for your organization; assessing a software program you are using; creating a coherent system of codes and cleaning reduntant or unecessary codes; customizing fields and reports; staff training in use of your gift/donor managment database.

Foundation Relations, Grant Research and Writing

Foundations see a lot of grant proposals. Submitting a grant which stands out is not something to be taken for granted (pardon the pun). Two key elements of a successful grant proposal are: 1) compelling writing 2) effective communication with the program officer. These two skills must be combined in order to realize success. Adrian Nonprofit Consulting has a comprehensive track record in this regard.


A high-value ratio of experience to fees

There is a sensitivity here from Adrian Nonprofit Consulting because of exposure over the years, as a staff member, to consulting engagements which were vastly over-priced and under-achieving. There is a perception that the higher the fees, the more experienced and successful a consultant must be. This is a myth. There certainly are high-priced consultants out there, many of whom are very good and have done great things for nonprofit organizations. Caution must be used to identify and research those who are genuinely capable and who are a good fit for an organization.

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